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5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil



GAC genuine high performance engine oil

Reliable quality, specially developed for GAC engine, has passed the rigorous bench test  of 1433 hrs

Good Wear Resistance

Anti wear technology reduces wear by adding a specially formulated anti-wear additive.

Oxidation Resistance in High Temperature

Good shear stability in high temperature. Unique clean factor, effectively inhibit the formation of carbon disposition.

GAC genuine engine oil provide excellent performance and surging power in each furious driving.


Quality Level: API SN

Viscosity: 5W-30

Net Content: 4.5L


Product Performance

Anti wear: Excellent

Cleansing: Excellent

Lubrication: Excellent

Cooling: Excellent

Denoise: Excellent


Outstanding Performance

Suggestion: For ensuring the high performance of engine, GAC advice user to take reference from the maintenance manual of each model

Tip: How to select engine oil? Which viscosity fit on your vehicle?


All GAC genuine oil is SN high-level product, which not only meets the using requirements of GAC engine, but also contains the functions of wear protection, lubricity, denoise and fuel saving.

API standard is the international standard of lubricating oil quality grade.

SN stand for API level, the latter of alphabetical letter after letter 'S', the higher oil quality it is.

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